I cannot hear my student/teacher, or my student/teacher cannot hear me.

Troubleshoot audio issues during your Forte lesson.

Usually, issues with hearing your teacher/student can be fixed by exiting the Forte lesson session and conducting a hard refresh.

Both the teacher and the student student should perform a hard refresh. After you perform the refresh, re-enter the Forte lesson session, and this issue should be resolved.

To perform a Hard Refresh:

  • Mac: Shift + command + R

  • PC: Ctrl + F5

  • iPad: Close the Safari tab where you were accessing Forte. Tap the browser tab icon in the upper right corner of the screen, tap the X in the upper left corner, then open a new tab to access Forte. Simply closing the Safari app will not do the trick. Read more here.

If the Hard Refresh does not resolve the issue, please check that the correct speaker and microphone are selected in the Forte Settings menu.