Creating your Teacher Account

Creating your Forte teacher account is free and easy to do.

Creating Your Account

To create your account, visit and select Join as a Teacher.

Complete the required fields, then click Next

Once created, you will be taken to your Forte Dashboard. From here, you can create your Forte profile to advertise to new students or invite your current students to your Forte studio for their lessons.

Finding New Students on Forte

To find new students on Forte, you will first need to complete your Profile, set up Billing, and enter your Meet and Greet availability.

To learn more about creating your Forte Profile, including tips and tricks, read our article Creating Your Public Teacher Profile.

Inviting Current Students to Use Forte

To invite your current students to join your Forte studio, click the Invitations tab on your Students dashboard and click on the Invite a Student button. Enter their email into the box provided and click Invite.

Your student will receive an invitation via email inviting them to create a free Forte account and become a student on Forte. Once they accept the invitation, you will see them on your Current Student dashboard.